Wednesday, December 12, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Oh boy am I slacking lately. I just realized most of my posts for the last month or so are all related to giveaways and such. No good! I've been so into project mode, I don't stop to take many pictures or think about blogging it.

I do have a pretty awesome WIP though. I got my second ever Etsy custom order, for one of my Tree Carving quilts. But she didn't want a little wall hanging, she wanted a usable size. Yay! It's been really fun upscaling the project and figuring out how to make it work as nicely.
And of course I only have crappy pics to share with you right now.

It started out with some LARGE scale embroidery.
This is my quilting hoop and my little embroidery scissors.
It ended up being too awkward and I switched to a large, though much smaller embroidery hoop. I used 3 strands of floss, and 2 layers of fabric. 
Embroidery all done, getting ready to machine applique the heart on. Not my first choice, but with the 2 layers of fabric I had to get creative with how I turned the edges under. I don't want to talk about it, but now there are 3 layers of fabric. Sigh. In the end it is really cool an kind of 3D so I am happy with it. 
I filled in the heart with some of my first free-motion quilting. I've dabbled before, but haven't dared put it on a quilt. I was probably crazy to do it on a custom order, but I figured it was small enough unpicking wouldn't be too bad of a nightmare. Plus I couldn't think of any other way to quilt the heart. 
I have some more quilting to do on the body of the quilt, but it is very nearly done. Maybe I'll have a Friday Finish to share. =) 

WIP stats since I haven't shared them awhile, and have a few new WIPS (or piles of fabric anyway) added to my list.
As of 12/12/12
Finished: 30
WIPS: 28
(though I think I'm missing some and might loose some)


  1. woo hoo! looks so good!
    P.S. I'll get your quilt listed here quite soon!

  2. Congratulations on the order and the heart looks really pretty!

  3. I am definitely in the same boat with not getting a lot done this month so far! Hopefully starting tonight things will start moving along. :)

  4. It's going to look great when it is finished!


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