Tuesday, February 19, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Because I have been working my butt off, I decided I should share.

My parents commissioned a quilt for their bed, and it has been such a fun project. Giant Churn Dash! (tutorial can be found her at Elvy Crafts)
24" blocks are awesome folks!! Seriously, love them! Esp when they are blocks you are used to seeing smaller scale.
24" churn dash for my parents quilt. There will be 16 of them. I included the 6.5" star block for scale. #giantchurndash #customquilt
24.5" churn dash compared with a 6.5" block
For an oversized queen quilt I made 16 blocks, they went together so quickly!
4/16 #giantchurndash #designwalltoosmall I don't think I even have the floor space for this!!
I quickly realized my design wall would be useless for this project.
four 24" x 96" rows ready to sew together #giantchurndash
Floor space was hard enough to come by.
{Rows ready to sew together.}
It got more tedious when I was pinning and matching up points, and sewing the 96" long stretches joining the rows together. But it was awesome to have the quilt top come together so quickly!

I added a little 2.5" border around the outside, to give it a little more size in case of shrinkage.
I'm glad we'll be sending this to a quilter, I don't think my straight lines would really do it justice.
My design wall couldn't accommodate the size.
Of course my adorable little sewing buddy is always hanging around, she had to join me in pressing today.
"See mama just like you."
"See mama, just like you."
And I have 34 to get her Sparkle Punch quilt done! I can't believe she's going to be 3!
I need to sew on the 2nd star points, then go back to the tedious process of trimming then pressing and then squaring up all of those squares. I'm glad that little girl is worth it!


  1. How funny, I'm working on a Sparkle Punch right now and plan to start on a churn dash after that. Your giant churn dash is awesome!

  2. Those are big blocks! Can't wait to see your sparkle punch...and out of curiosity...do you pan to use those little triangles in the bowl? =)

  3. Hi Lindsey! This is Linh from Elvy Crafts -- I am SO tickled you liked my tutorial enough to make a quilt with it. I love the fabrics you chose and can't wait to see it quilted and bound. PS. Can I re-post some of your pictures on my blog if I link back to you, etc.?

  4. I want to see this in person!!!

  5. Love your giant churn dash quilt. I've been making tiny little 6" ones for a sample quilt. Might have to make some gigantic ones too.

  6. This is stunning! Love the giant blocks...so modern and they give it an oriental quality...you have inspired me!


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