Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March Goals

My most necessary finish for March is Sparkle Punch. I have 20 days to have it 100% done, still plenty of time considering I made Seeing Squares aka the Largest Quilt She's Ever Made in 33 days. But I've been stressing because of other projects that need to be done this month as well. So to alleviate some of that stress I took it to Eagle Mountain Quilting, where I know amazing things will happen! 
The decision to take it to the quilter meant I needed to crank out the top and FAST. I had all the star points finished, and was starting to work on the layout last Wednesday, but none of the top had to be pieced, and I needed it done by Friday morning before we headed down to Salt Lake City for the weekend. And of course I didn't decided I needed to get the whole thing done until Thursday morning.... =) Let's just say my husband REALLY loves me and supports me, and knows that B needs a quilt that actually fits her bed. Also I have REALLY good children who are content playing around me (and maybe watch too much TV sometimes). 
Sparkle Punch
I'll save all the details of piecing and what not for the post about the quilt, but it was fun. And I have no idea how anyone can pull an all nighter. I made it to 12:30pm and my eyes were starting to glaze over and I feared some really wobbly seams so I gave up. I only had about an hour more of work, but it went quickly when I was fresh and rested in the morning.

Anyway onto other stuff. 
March Goals:
1. Finish Sparkle Punch (which may involve a little colorful handquilting, I can't decide.) by March 25th. {Goal for the Lovely Year of Finishes}
2. Finish quilt for TraceyJay - at least the top, the whole thing if possible, ASAP.
3. Get Farmer's Wife squares laid out and sewn together, borders as well if possible. 

February Recap:
1. Finish quilt and bind Scrappytripalong. {Lovely Year of Finishes Project} DONE!
#scrappytripalong more photos here.
2. Get B's Sparkle Punch 100% Pieced DONE!
As described above, this was accomplished as of March 1st, so yay!
3. Get Mom & Dad's Churn Dash cut. DONE!
Even better, I am on the last leg of binding, and just need to stitch on a label. A post full of pics to come in the next few days, but for now, a little taste of the amazing quilting done by Eagle Mountain Quilting (computerized quilting pattern called Merrily Feathers). The texture is AMAZING!
Eagle Mountain Quilting did such a wonderful job on my parents #giantchurndash the texture is amazing! Glad she's doing #sparklepunch for me too.
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  1. Your sparkle punch is lovely!

  2. What beautiful projects! Congratulations on the two finishes - that is awesome. Love that sparkle punch quilt top you've made. Darn, this linky thing is taking me to too many places where I see even more things I want to make :-)

  3. All three of your quilts are quilt lovely. Wishing you luck on meeting your goals. I know you can do it!

  4. Your Sparkle Punch is beautiful! I think I need to make one of my own! :)

  5. Oooooh! Your Sparkle Punch & Scrappy Trip are just gorgeous! Where do I find the pattern for the Sparkle punch?

    1. I knew I should have linked =) Here you go

  6. I'm in love with your sparkle punch quilt, it's stunning!!


  7. Love them all. We are just starting a Sparkle Punch QAL at our MQG so it's nice to see your version as inspiration.

  8. Love your scrappy trip quilt! So cute! If you're ever in a bind and need your quilting done - I'm in Utah and am offering all my edge to edge patterns for .01 an inch and 72 hour turnaround - I'll even get done faster if needed. You can check out my patterns here to see what I offer. I love seeing all your quilts - I'm amazed at how quickly you get them done!


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