Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Queen's Floor Quilt Pattern

The Queen's Floor pattern is now available on Craftsy!
Queens Floor Finished
The pattern is written in two sizes: 36" square (shown above) and 56" x 68" throw, though could easily be adapted to a larger size. It is a quick and easy quilt, and great for a beginner. The throw version can be made from 2 layer cakes. I include instructions for using layer cakes or yardage, or you can do what I did, and use scraps!

The inspiration for this quilt came from Doctor Who Season 5 Episode, The Beast Below
drwho queens floor
My hubby humored me and sketched up a little sample in Google Sketch up, and I made a trial. 
arrow test
And then I spent some time on Google and discovered that the design is actually the Ozark Maple Leaf (which I would have known if I had continued with my Farmer's Wife blocks, lol). 

I really like how changing the fabrics around a bit brings out the arrow design. I'm waiting to hear about some fabric, but I hope to have a throw size sample done soon. =) If you get one done before me I'd love pictures! 
Queens Floor Block closeup
And this means that my Lovely Year of Finishes goal for the month is met =) 


  1. love your fabric selection for this quilt! i also love how inspiration can come from the most unlikely sources . . beautiful quilt!

  2. Great quilt! It came together so nicely!


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