Thursday, May 1, 2014

Flea Market Sprouts {a mini tut}

Flea Market Sprouts

A few months ago I was plotting a surprise birthday gift for my friend Sandra (who blogs at Small Town Thread). I knew I would be using Flea Market Fancy by Denyse Schmidt, so I wanted something that would compliment the prints. I kept focusing on the cute little eyelet sprout print and thought sprouts would be a really fun way to go. So while searching pinterest for inspiration or a pattern I came across this: Spring Sprout Table Runner. PERFECT! Kristan says she  made it as part of a sew-a-long for the book Pretty in Patchwork Holidays by John Q. Adams (which I am pretty sure I need to buy, it looks like fantastic book!!), but following the link from Kristan's blog back to the Thread Bias post I learned that the original was pieced using drunkard's path blocks, and I got a little bit discouraged - all that fussy cutting....all of those curved pieces!! Ugh! No! 

But then I remembered this tutorial by Cristy @ Sew Much Like Mom (I used this method to make a cute little circle doll quilt for my daughter for Christmas, so I knew the method worked really well, it takes a bit of effort, but is SO worth it!! The circles are perfect!) Her tutorial is great and the technique is just awesome! So I decided to use Cristy's tut and replicate what I saw on Kristan's blog.

{Note - as this is not an original design, nor my methods, I am not going to write a detailed tutorial of what I did. I came up with my own measurements to achieve the look and size I wanted for my finished product, I will share the basics, but no cutting instructions. I take zero credit for the design and probably shouldn't even call this a tut. Please refer to the original and credit them as sources where applicable.}

I followed Cristy's piec-lique tutorial, using a medium size mixing bowl for my circle template. I cannot give this method enough praise it creates such beautiful circles!!
Flea Market Sprouts
Here you can see circle sewing in action. I used my walking foot, mainly because of it's open toe, but also to ensure everything fed properly through my machine.
Flea Market Sprouts
After sewing my circles I gave them a good pressing, then I squared them up, trimming the background fabric down so I was left with 1/4" seam allowance on the outside edge of the circle, and cut the circle into 4 wedges. One circle is perfect for forming 2 petal pairs. To form the petals you will need to cut 4 squares the same size as your wedges from your focal fabric.
I pieced in vertical columns with sashing between the petals, and then pieced the columns together. Between the petal pairs I used narrow green sashing to act as the stem, and then between each sprout stalk I used wider sashing, as well as side borders. 
Flea Market Sprouts
Flea Market Sprouts
The quilt finished approx 52" x 61" I quilted it using a loopy FMQ design. The batting is Mountain Mist Cream Rose 100%, which is really soft and lovely, and gives probably some of the best crinkle I have seen. 
Flea Market Sprouts Flea Market Sprouts Flea Market Sprouts
^my favorite picture! Thanks so much for stopping by. =)


  1. Great tutorial Lindsey! You make it look so easy and I love all the Denyse Schmidt. What a pretty and perfect gift for a friend. :)


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